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Exclusive formulas

Our staff of scientists develop each of the supplements with unique standardized formulas, combining clinically studied herbs in the health field. We evaluate, assess and discuss relevant options for different ingredients, raw materials and delivery forms.


We carefully manufacture the supplements, complying with standardized protocols, taking care of every detail, and selecting only the best raw materials and ingredients, to deliver a product that strictly complies with the established regulations, and fulfills your expectations.

Branding and packaging

Hand in hand with our clients we create the image of their brand, complying with the expectations and vision that they conceptualized it. In the case you are starting from scratch, we guide you step by step in the process of developing of your brand.

Sourcing Our Pure Raw Powders and Extracts

Rapha Health is committed to excellence in the development of our nutritional supplements..

We invested in pure enzymes, seed oils, fruit peel extracts and dried products.

Rapha Health is committed to excellence in the development of our nutritional supplements

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Our history

Rapha Health Network International, LLC is specifically qualified to become your custom manufacturing key partner in the development of your brands. More than 25 years of experience and a team of top-level scientists are the foundation of our company ALBERTO GUZMÁN Founder, CEO



We have an excellent team of doctors

Ana Guzman
Alberto Guzman
Durnes Guzman
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we take pride in the quality of having strong ethical and moral principles, following them at all times. We do the right thing even when no one is looking.


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